ANTUF Affiliates: There are altogether 35 federations operated in 68 districts of Nepal


SN. Federation President
1 All Nepal Agriculture Workers’ Union Mukti Das
2 All Nepal Artist Workers’ Union Durga Kahtiwada
3 All Nepal Auto-Mechanic Workers’ Union Puranjan Giri
4 All Nepal Beautician Workers’ Union Shrijana Soti
5 All Nepal Brick Factory Workers’ Union Hemanta Magar
6 All Nepal Carpet Workers’ Union Sonam Singh Ghising
7 All Nepal Cleaning Workers’ Union Dhanu Dahal
8 All Nepal Communication, Press and Publication Workers’ Union Ganesh Khatri
9 All Nepal Construction Workers’ Union Gagan Gharti Magar
10 All Nepal Domestic Workers’ Union Sangita Baniya
11 All Nepal Federation of Trade Unions Women’ Committee Usha Devkota
12 All Nepal Federations of Trade Unions Youth Committee Rajendra Neupane
13 All Nepal Furniture Workers’ Union
14 All Nepal Garment and Textile Workers’ Union Dinesh Kharel
15 All Nepal Government, Temporary, Daily Wage, Contract Workers’ Union Bhupal Rasaili
16 All Nepal Health Workers’ Union Gita Kharel
17 All Nepal Hotel, Casino and Restaurant Workers’ Union Madhav Pandey
18 All Nepal Industrial Workers’ Union Bhum Bahadur Regmi
19 All Nepal Institution, Bank and Finance Workers’ Union Rajan Pandey
20 All Nepal Load Unload Workers’ Union Chakra Khatri
21 All Nepal Metal Workers’ Union Bhola Dhungel
22 All Nepal National Barber Workers’ Union Bablu Thakur
23 All Nepal Painter Workers’ Union Surya Magar
24 All Nepal Petroleum Workers’ Union Siba Pokharel
25 All Nepal Rickshaw Workers’ Union Dambar Rana
26 All Nepal Road Workers’ Union
27 All Nepal Security Workers’ Union Ghanashyam Thakuri
28 All Nepal Self-Employed Workers’ Union
29 All Nepal Shop and Sales Workers’ Union Bharat Dahal
30 All Nepal Social Institution National Workers’ Forum Megharaj Khatri
31 All Nepal Steel Workers’ Union Ramhari Jamkattel
32 All Nepal Tea Workers’ Union Sita Sapkota
33 All Nepal Tourism Workers’ Union Ram Chandra Dhungana
34 All Nepal Transport Workers’ Union Som Bahadur Tamang
35 Nepal Progressive Migrant Workers Forum

(ANTUF Support Group- Migrant)

Durga Khatiwada