Training on Labour Standards

Sunday July 17

ANTUF conducted this training event in Kathmandu on 24-25 June. The training began with directives and guidelines given by senior ANTUF leaders to the participants in understanding the international labour standards in the context of Nepal. The training was attended by altogether 30 participants (20 male and 10 female). Experienced trainer and National Programme Coordinator of ILO Nepal, Mr. Narayan Bhattarai delivered his training on ILS. He also informed and clarified about the 8 core conventions and recommendations of ILO and their global significance in improving the living and working conditions of workers. He also stressed on the need of implementing the concept of Decent Work and initiatives toward achieving it, especially in developing nations. Following day, Com. Luitel of ANTUF elaborated on the labour standards, particularly in the context of Nepal. His presentation shed light on difficulty in ratifying the Convention no. 87, problems of applying the conventions at work, and utilizing the core conventions for the sake of Nepalese workers. Participants actively participated with interest, at times providing their different views.