2 Day Training on Labor Laws of Nepal

Tuesday October 10

ANTUF organized a training on Labor Laws of Nepal on 20-21 June, in Kathmandu in order to capacitate the front line members of ANTUF. Altogether 30 participants (20 male and 10 female) attended the training. In turn, they would inform and educate other colleagues in the context of field work. ANTUF specialist and experienced trainer, Advocate Com. Youbaraj Luitel educated the participants about the existing labour laws of Nepal and proposed new labour law pending in the parliament to be adopted. His emphasis was on Social Security Bill which once passed would help end the division between formal and informal sector and bring hundreds of thousands of Nepali workers in to the coverage of various schemes proposed. Next day, senior leaders of ANTUF shared their experiences in the field highlighting the difficulties in implementing the laws, and hostile views of some employers towards trade unions and their reluctance to abide by the law of the land. Further, participants agreed with situation and offered their own experiences in the field. The training was concluded with commitment to intensify more social dialogue with the employers and CBAs where labour laws are inadequate to meet the needs of the workers.